Virtual Reality

Virtual reality – Overview

The Virtual Reality (VR) term is used for a computer-generated reality that can be similar or different from the real world. A person can interact and explore the virtual world by using a special virtual reality headset or called VR goggles. Virtual reality technology was invented in 1957 by Morton Heilig. Virtual Reality 360 allows the user to move the camera in 360° by using the mouse or controls.

How Virtual Reality works?

The main objective of the virtual reality to show the approximate imitation to the user. It can be achieved by using a virtual reality headset. Every headset has two screens for each eye that are used to create an immersive 3D environment. These headsets minimize the interaction of the user with the real world. The two autofocus lenses are positioned between the headset screen and eyes to monitor the movement of the eyes for a better experience. These lenses also focus, reshape and tilt the 2D visuals to create a 3D virtual environment. These visuals are shown on the headset’s screens via mobile or HDMI Cable connected to a PC.

Why have virtual reality?

Virtual reality is transforming Video Games, Education, Medical, Real Estate, Sports and Entertainment industries day by Day. Many Marketing Companies in India Such as NS Ventures have started using this innovative technology to promote the businesses of their clients. Many corporations and Organizations are investing a million dollars in virtual reality. Tech-savvy companies want to take full advantage of this technology to boost their profits. Virtual reality allows you to take the risks in the virtual world which can be proved dangerous in the real world. NASA and Some Air forces use virtual reality to train their pilots. Moreover, In the Medical field, virtual reality helps trainee surgeons to gain experience in the real world by letting them performing surgeries in the Computerised virtual world. In Real Estate business, Virtual reality tours give a tour of the property to the potential customers from their home. They view the interiors and exteriors of the properties as if they are present there.

The future of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has very massive potential for growth in the upcoming years. According to some researches, around 16 billion investment will be made in virtual reality by 2022. Virtual Reality industries are trying to make VR part of our daily lives. With the coming of 5G, VR will be more improved and easy to use. The gaming and Real Estate will definitely benefit more than other industries. More Vr games will be produced to give more real experience to the players. Real Estate Industries will use VR to show how their property will look after the construction has been completed.

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