Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a modern technology that makes the composite view of real-world and computer-generated virtual reality. The term augmented reality was coined by Boeing researcher Tom Caudell in 1990. In 1992, Louis Rosenberg created the first fully immersive AR system at the U.S Air Force Research Laboratory. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR does not take the user to the virtual world rather it enhances the real world by adding Sounds, Videos, and Graphics to it. Augmented reality in India has been growing rapidly with each passing day. AR in India has been changing the face of digital marketing for different fields such as Real Estate, Tourism, And Education. Movies and games are also not behind in using AR technology. Pokemon Go is a perfect example of augmented reality apps.
There are four types of Augmented reality.
● Marker-Based Augmented Reality.
● Marker-less Augmented Reality.
● Projection Augmented Reality.
● Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

How does Augmented Reality work? 

Devices like screens, glasses, watches, smartphones, and headsets are used to overlay the Augmented Reality (AR) onto the real world. It Can be done with technologies like S.L.A.M. (simultaneous localization and mapping), depth tracking. There are some other components that are used in AR. The cameras scan the objects and determine how far and close the object is and at what angle by using sensors. These sensors can be a device’s accelerometer, infrared or gyroscope. Processors deal with the collected data from the cameras to create Augmented reality. After the completion of the processing, various devices are used to project or reflect the created Augmented Reality in the form of visual, auditory and haptic.

Augmented Reality in Marketing 

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming prominent within marketing strategies, There are many ways that Brands can use to utilize augmented reality in their marketing campaigns.

AR Mobile Apps 
Most customers like to try on products prior to purchasing them. Brands can develop User-friendly Ar apps that would allow consumers to try products on them. Apparel manufacturing companies can create a platform where the potential customers can see how the clothes look on them. There are many apps in the different app stores which use AR to attract the users and keep them engaging in different ways.

AR Branding Materials 

Companies can use AR technology to branding creatives. A QR code or an image can be provided on a creative which will display relevant information about the product or company. It will make an emotional connection with the customers and prompt them to buy the products. In Real Estate business, Augmented Reality is used to show the architectural plan to the investors or buyers. It can create 3D models from the blueprints and demonstrate how the property would look like after being constructed.

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