Aerial Drone Real Estate Survey

The optimizing operation risks by fishing out critical information and making smarter business decisions according to the client’s unique requirements. Camera drone photography or video gives a brand new aesthetic to the project, giving the consumer a fresh angle to view and analyse the various aspects, hence increasing interest and ultimately sales.

Aerial Drone Solar Plant Survey

With our fast turnaround time, we produce high-quality topographic surveys with a deft ability to handle complexities in terrestrial, aerial, or underwater surfaces. Aided by our extensive knowledge in this sphere, we develop optimum flight plans for unique projects like Solar Power Plant Surveys to open the hidden sphere of information to aid in risk reduction.

Aerial Drone Geological Survey

Apart from the extensive use of video marketing in the industry, drone videos also find a suitable use in thermal mapping, aerial surveys as well as aerial inspections. Providing commercial aerial shooting services all across India, NS Ventures completes its projects using a 360 camera, DSLR, Pano Head, Fisheye lens, tripods, and drones – to name a few.

Aerial Drone Traffic Survey

NS Ventures is a trusted source for providing commercial services for collecting geometric and other high-resolution imagery for a detailed Aerial Drone Traffic Survey which further includes measurements provided by photo-gram metric technologies. With easy access to a range of digital aerial cameras, we specialize in tackling any terrain from land to air to marine.

Aerial Drone Smart City Survey

NS Ventures aims to stay one step ahead of its competition with the increasing accessibility of services like site inspection and tracking. Not just that, aerial surveys find an apt use in town planning by government bodies and determining the optimal route, location, and design for major infrastructural projects. It also promises great benefits in terms of cost and risk reduction.

*Aerial Survey Turnkey Projects*

To highlight your marketing promotion, NS Ventures specializes in monitoring large infrastructures with a crafted professional 360 virtual reality tour which allows the buyer to access a certain amount of freedom in viewing the site from their homes. It also aids project process monitoring, reporting and increases collaboration between teams.

8 Commendable Aerial Videos in India