Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial Photography and Videography has become very popular in Real Estate business and event marketing in India. It is an innovative and engaging way that allows you to give 4k HD 360° virtual reality tours to your potential customers. Drone filming can deliver significant benefits to your business. Adding Interior 360 Walk-through VR Tour and Aerial Videos & Photos on your landing page can increase the rate of your sales drastically. Aerial 360 Virtual reality tour is a very innovative way to attract customers in Real Estate marketing in India. Drone videos can provide a closer look at the surroundings to the customers from their homes. Interior and exterior virtual reality tours let you feel the property as if you are there. Some engaging features such as auto-rotate and zoom in out allow customers to have a clear perspective of the geographical dimensions

Helicopter vs. Drone Aerial Videography
In the past, Helicopters were the only way to take aerial shots for movies, news, or any other business. A cameraman used to record the entire area from the sky by flying in the helicopter. It is very costly and risky. Also, helicopters can’t be used in public places. Areas with tall buildings restrict the use of a helicopter. In these scenarios, Recording aerial videos was always a difficult task. However, Drones have made it very easier. Drones are getting more popular with each passing day. It is now effortless to take an aerial shot. You don’t need a helicopter to fly around to take an aerial shot. A drone operator can operate the drone from the ground with a controller. Drones can be used in public places, but you need a Unique Identification Number (UIN) to use a drone in crowded areas.

Marketing with Aerial Videography/Photography 

Aerial videos and photos are making a significant impact on digital marketing. It has been proved that aerial videos can attract and engage more customers. Aerial shots are the best performing content on different social media platforms. Drones are changing the strategies of marketing in Real Estate business or Live event promotion. In Real Estate, Hotel and Resort business, Aerial Videos is a perfect way to show clients, who can not come to the property, how the property looks, layout, and surroundings. Similarly, Building contractors can show the real progress of construction of a project to the investors. Aerial Videos can also increase brand awareness because most people tend to share videos among their friends and family.

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