A big thanks to all the latest technological advancements due to which Aerial videography/ photography becomes possible. It brought modern-day videography to a completely new level. The outburst of Aerial videos in India offers unbelievable clarity and details that add a greater visual impact, a uniquely refreshing perspective to videos, and noticeably memorable production value with unique unseen angles.

Individuals who love to explore places, definitely spend their time on Google Earth and already know the fascination of perceiving places from the height.

Even you know the places very well, but when seen from a birds-eye perspective, even well-known land and city hotspots become completely new with eye-catchy colorful patterns, and geographical highlights.

How To Stand Among Crowd with Aerial Videos

Aerial video offers an excellent opportunity to stand out among the crowd by showcasing the best features of your business in detail. These hi-tech videos can be used in several production scenarios. Here are some industries that can make the most out of aerial videos.

➢ Aerial Real Estate Videos

Undoubtedly, drone technology takes the real estate sector on a gradually progressing path that leads towards an imaginative and technological realm that renders unbelievable perspectives like never before.

Real estate drone services provide you an amazing way to showcase your residential and commercial properties with a full-fledged route by highlighting the key areas of the locality. All the minor and major things in the path are displayed with heightening quality images and videos. From
attractive photographs, 360-degree panorama, to advanced virtual tours drones can do them all.

Here, we show you some stunning real estate aerial videos that will take your heart away. So here we go!


1. A marvelous real estate aerial video that gives a spectacular view of the entire area by highlighting the city spaces and lush green surroundings.


2. commendable real estate aerial videography in India was done by NS Ventures. A video that elaborates the clarity of the highly-dense region effortlessly with a complete route and highlighted key areas.


3. This breathtaking aerial video of real estate gives another reason to all real estate marketers to think about drone technology. A creative visual story of the House of Hiranandani Hepbal that illustrates the entire region admirably.


4. If I do not watch this aerial video of real estate, then I would never come to know about the scenic beauty of Ganga Greens.

Aerial Hospitality Videos

Needless to elaborate the importance of videos in the hospitality sector. As it is the only tool that allows you to present every small factor of your hospitality business in detail. By contacting an aerial hospitality video company in India, you can deliver your message to your targeted audience in a more engaging way.

If you have a large property such as a resort in 15-acre land, surrounded by the jungle and primary rainforest, then in such case, a standard video or photograph simply would not do the property justice. While aerial videography does wonder in such a situation – It presents your commercial property more broadly by highlighting all the essential spots or corners and helps you to attract more and more customers.

Here, we have enlisted one of the incredible aerial hospitality videos that show you the real impact of drone technology. So here we go!


A spectacular aerial view of The Kikar Lodge shows the calm and relaxing environment with ultra-modern activities.


Aerial Solar Videos

Real Estate and hospitality are not the only two industries where aerial videos leave a powerful impact. The solar industry is also on the list that gains exceptional benefits from this thought-provoking technology.

Here are sensational solar views captured by the professional solar aerial video maker. Have a look!


Beautifully captured solar view of 4 MWp plant capacity, spread over 17 acres


Aerial Tourism Videos

Tourism is now a global industry involving millions of people in international as well as domestic travel each year. It is the industry that completely depends on the showcasing of the tourist places. As several travelers travel to any of the famous tourist places for the first time. It is just because of compelling images and videos, that make an individual curious about that very place. So how can we forget about aerial videos in this sector?

Here are some of the magnificent aerial tourism videos that show you the real beauty of Indian tourism.


Have you ever explored this scenic beauty of goa? Well, all this is possible just because of drone technology. Best way to capture the natural beauty that delights all the future tourists.


Never thought about these beautiful places of Jaisalmer.Thanks to the Aerial tourism videos that make Jaisalmer – the future tourist hub.

So guys, what are you waiting for? All these videos are still not enough to demonstrate the importance of drone technology in the present commercial industry?

Buck Up, and contact the best aerial video company in India to boost your sales funnel dramatically

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